LED or light emitting diodes are a form of solid state lighting that is extremely efficient and lasting. They are free from harmful gases, mercury, toxic chemicals and filaments as compared light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps halogens. They work well in extreme weather conditions; they produce higher lumens per watt out performing their contemporaries making them more efficient. These led have mastered the art of efficiency with their technology and hence they reduce the carbon foot print upto a third. They are 100%recyclable and 100% eco friendly.




LED lighting reduces the electricity costs of lighting by 65-70%.


No mercury, lead or heavy metals.


No issues of safe disposal of toxins.


No replacements of lamps and ballasts.


It has a life of more than 50,000 hours (typically >10 years). Closest to daylight spectrum, clarity in image capture for CCTV, and true colour rendition. Does not attract insects. It has higher usable lumens. With a higher usable lumen, it has potential of earning carbon credits.