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Highmast Lights
  • CREE chip and Meanwell driver
  • Patented thermal management(Mutiple LED layout design and ultra Fold-Fin heatsink technical design)
  • Extremely light weight and easy installation
General Information :
  • Unique fin aluminium heatsink greatly reduce product weight and guarantee the safety usage, as well as to avoid the material wastage comparing with conventional die-cast or extrusion heatsinks.
  • By increasing the number of fins to enlarge the area of heat dissipation and air flow,  this new heatsink significantly increase the efficiency of  thermal conduction with less material usage and more saving on energy. It is the best solution of LED flood lights
  • Proprietary thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature
  • Extremely light weight to enhance the safety use and installation
  • Full product portfolio up to 600W, with luminous flux of up to 60,000 lm
  • LEDs from Philips Lumileds, Cree or Edison, with Meanwell drivers, up to 5 years warranty
  • Available in various optical beam profiles, including 15° to 60° round, 65°×135° symmetric rectangular, and 85°×135° asymmetric rectangular
  • Air ventilation design and distributed heat source
        - Very effective air flow across the heatsink
        - Bring the heat away by natural convection
        - Largely spread the heat source and thus lower        temperature
  • Fold-Fin Heatsink (FFH) Technology
        - Formed by Aluminum sheet metals
        - Fully automated production
        - Resulting in large surface area and less weight
  • Flexible Optics and Mounting Design
        - Available in various optics (round and rectangular        profiles)
        - Easy mounting bracket design
The applications for high-mast lights include installations at transportation terminals, other large, outdoor maintenance or storage yards, and specialty roadway applications. The aforementioned freeway interchange installations are probably the most common roadway application, although you will find some high-mast lights within municipalities in busy areas.

All dimensions are in mm
Catalogue No. MLLF6010001 MLLF8010001 MLLF9110005
Power consumption 70 W (Typ) 90 W (Typ) 110 W (Typ)
CCT 6000K 6000K 6000K
Luminous Flux > 6000 lm 72000 lm 9000 lm
CRI >70 >70 >70
Beam Angle 80°*80° 80°*80° 80°*80°
Voltage Range 90-280 V 90-280 V 90-280 V
Weight -gm 5500 5500 6000

All dimensions are in mm
Catalogue No. MLLF9310001 MLLF9410001
Power consumption 220 W (Typ) 280 W (Typ)
CCT 6000K 6000K
Luminous Flux > 20000 lm 22500 lm
CRI >70 >70
Beam Angle 30°*30° 15°*15°
Voltage Range 90-280 V 90-280 V
Weight -gm 7500 8500
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