Customer Service and Support


ZERCON LED Lights give great importance to after-sales service quality.


Our Customer Services include the following:

  • We receive and deal with customers' comprehensive consultation, provide product information and answers to relevant questions
  • We receive, track, coordinate, resolve, improve, suggest and put forward suggestions given by our customers during business interactions
  • Communicate and contact customers, acknowledge their demands and views, acknowledge customer feedback pertaining to respective management departments and production units and enforce efficient customer service

Our 'customer queries' team mainly provides following-up and soultions for customer complaints and suggestions. In order to provide every customer with the most satisfying service and establish mutual trust relations, we emphasise on 'pertinence' and 'effectiveness' of customer service. This simply means being responsible for every phone call and every complaint from the customers.


In case you should have any questions or demands regarding ZERCON LEDs, or any suggestions on our service, feel free to contact us at any time. We ensure you the best service possible.


Customer Service and Support Helpline number: +91-11-41600414




We shall provide complete lighting solutions focusing on energy saving through site surveys, detailed engineering and illumination designs, ROI calculation and payback period. Application oriented / customised product designs for turnkey projects.